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Net Terms of Use

"An accommodation is the Internet room reservation service that Nara inn, hotel life hygiene trade association runs "mahoroba" netto". I ask you to read these terms, and to agree on using this service. In addition, in "the accommodation, "mahoroba" netto" will provide service by Japanese.

Method of the use

At the time of the input of a reservation, the inquiry application screen, please input the accurate personal information. As or "an accommodation is necessary at the time of contact from "mahoroba" netto", as for the name, the e-mail address, the phone number, the input, please exactly the accommodations. In addition, at the time of a reservation, inquiry application, I invalidate the application when it is both e-mail address whom a customer was input into and phone number, and the notification to a customer is impossible.

An application reception desk and establishment of the reservation, the end of the debt

  1.  To "mahoroba" "netto in an accommodation" "an accommodation inputs the requirements than a screen of "mahoroba" netto", and a reception desk completes the reservation application by sending it. Afterwards, "mahoroba" "netto informs each accommodation of reservation information, and an accommodation" will transmit contents making a reservation to a customer by an email. The contract about the room reservation is established at this point in time, with each accommodation including a customer and the inn complete the contract directly. In "the accommodation, the role of "mahoroba" netto" will be finished with this point in time. In addition, I may cancel the reservation that was applied for when I confirm it in the contact information information that a customer was input into and contact you and do not get through.
  2. As for the telephone, the mail, the facsimile, in the case of the application by the means of communication except the reservation system of this site, it is established a contract based on the articles such as each accommodation when contact was done a customer by each accommodation. This contract will conclude it with a customer between each accommodation.

Application fees about the reservation

The rate on the occasion of the application should not be, but gives priority to this when it is set separately at each accommodation.

Cancellation, change of the reservation

I would like the reservation cancellation from our reservation site by the day before. "An accommodation a customer, please inform each accommodation of the cancellation, change that "mahoroba" netto" service cannot support just before that directly. In addition, the change of the reservation from our reservation site is possible before a liquidation day set for each facilities.

About the payment of the hotel charges

  1. Please pay the hotel charges directly at the accommodations.
  2. In the accommodations stipulating a payment method other than the above separately, I give priority to this.
  3. As the hotel charges may not be crowded with the case including a tax, the service charge by each accommodation, in the case of making a reservation, please be careful.

About the cancellation, change rate of the reservation

The shortening and cancellation bill when I canceled it in all nights follows the regulations of each accommodation in some schedules of the reservation.

Change of terms

I may change these terms by the revision of laws and ordinances, the instruction of competent authorities, other need.


"An accommodation act, but please be careful to review the placed information at any time in "mahoroba" netto" as may be strange with a publication. In addition, the responsibility cannot be due when I suffer damage as I do not guarantee the linking information contents and duties contents of the publication company by having used this page.
I forbid the reproduction of this site publication contents without permission, use on the Internet. In addition, publication content may be changed.
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